• A Lovable Valentine's Day Look

    Happy first day of February!!

    Not going to lie, we've made a permanent residence in the Valentine's Day candy isle! We have a little treat jar filled with kisses, sweettarts, and m&ms that we are always picking out of! If you haven’t already browsed our Valentine’s Day graphic tees, we are here to tell you, they are ADORABLE! We wanted to share our best seller and FAVORITE Valentine's Day t-shirt with you today!

     I Love You To The Moon & Back graphic t-shirt!

    We all have a special someone that we love to no limits! "I love you to the moon and back" is a beloved saying amongst many families that shop with us. Whether our parents or loved ones said it to us, or if we say it to our loved ones, this shirt always gives us a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts! We loved how these Born To Be Sassy ladies styled their t-shirt! They gave us a few style tips so be sure to follow them on Instagram and let them know how much you love their looks!

    Reviews/Style Tips:

    "I think it would look amazing styled with a pair of pink cropped chinos & flirty red pumps...and for an extra girly touch, put your hair in a high ponytail & tie it off with a pink or red ribbon (this will also help to show off the fun back graphic on the tee!)." - @miagoesshopping

    "I very much love that it’s like “business in the front, and party in the back!" - @ademurelife

    Click here to purchase


    We hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day whether it's with a special someone or your gal pals! 

    XOXO Y'all!

  • Halloween & Chill : Spooky Movies Perfect For A Night In

    Happy Halloween, Y’all!

    It’s officially the spookiest season of all…. can you feel it? The leaves are turning amber and burnt orange, oatmeal cookies are baking in the ovens, and scarves are coming out of storage. Yep, it’s autumn everyone.

    Since October is a month jam-packed with activities, Halloween movies are a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

    Here’s some scary, but not too scary spooky movies to watch before Halloween arrives:

    1. Casper the Friendly Ghost
    2. Halloween Town
    3. Ghostbusters
    4. Hocus Pocus
    5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    6. Any of the 8 Harry Potter films
    7. The Birds (scariest one on this list!)

    If you’re seeking something festive to wear this season, head to Born to be Sassy’s monogram seasonal page—it’s not to late to get your personalized pumpkin gear for the remaining fall days ahead!




    Happy Halloween!

  • Hop Into Spring

    Can you believe that it’s spring? I don’t know about you, but spring (next to summer) is my most favorite time of the year!

    One of the most popular holidays this time of Year is Easter which got me to thinking about Easter baskets and the candy that goes inside!

    I loved getting (and hunting for it) an Easter basket as mine was always filled with fun toys and seasonally shaped marshmallow treats.

    If you’re curious as to the world’s favorite Easter Candy—I did a little internet snooping.

    An article appearing on Women’s Day has a list of some of the most popular candies:


    1. Cadbury Mini Eggs
    2. Cadbury Crème Eggs  
    3. Peeps
    4. Reese’s Pieces Eggs
    5. Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Eggs


    The list goes on—surprisingly, the solid chocolate bunnies were #8 as you’d think they’d be higher than that!

    Aside from candy, monograms are great for spring too. In this post, I am wearing two festive monogram tees (shop here & here).

    What’s your favorite part about spring? Be sure to follow BTBS on Instagram & I’ll be doing an Easter post on my blog, The Yellow Spectacles at the end of March.

  • Spring Break Essentials

    Spring Break is just around the corner and we know you all can't wait to sink your toes into the sand! We all have those few things we can't live without during our beach getaway. Read on to see our must have essentials that are not only perfect for Spring Break, but throughout all of summer whether you're headed to the beach, lake, or pool!
    1. Monogrammed Boat Tote - Duh.. because how else would you lug your towel, snacks, magazines, sunscreen, and iPod speakers?! And let's be honest, this is considered LIGHT packing when you plan to be soaking in some Vitamin-SEA all day!  This Boat Tote is AH-mazing!!!  Durable, totable, and fillable, this will be your go to beach bag for life! It features a pocket on the outside, perfect for stowing your phone, chap stick, and sunglasses so that they're easy to grab.  It also has a key clip on the inside to keep you from digging to the very bottom when it's time to head home.  Above all else, the thing that sets this bag apart from any other, is the monogram.  Personalize it with your initials and choose from an endless list of monogram styles and colors!  What's not to love about this Boat Tote?!
    2. Monogrammed Swimsuit Cover Up - Whether you prefer a dress, sarong, oversized tank, or fishing shirt, a cover up is a must!  Our selection of Monogrammed Swimsuit Coverups is endless!  A couple of our faves include this classic racerback style and this breezy fishing shirt (available in short or long sleeve). Showcase your style with a look that fits your personality!
    3. Monogrammed Beach Towel - You are sure to have the cutest towel on the whole beach with any of our Monogrammed Beach Towels!  Measuring 30" x 60", these are the perfect size for laying on the sand or covering a lounge chair!  Take a walk on the wild side with our animal prints or prep it up with a polka dot style!  Whichever you choose, be sure to add those 3 little letters that define you!
    4. Monogrammed Visor - We know the last thing you are worried about in your haste to hit the sand is your HAIR!  Come on ladies, messy buns are just the best it's gonna get on a beach day, right?!  This Monogrammed Visor make its super easy to head out the door in record time!  Available in a ton of hot colors, you are sure to find one that fits your style and personality!  Don't forget that monogram!
    5. Monogrammed Beach Spiker - What's a trip to the beach without a nice, cold drink?  Keep yours sand free in our Monogrammed Beach Spiker!  Just stick it right in the sand and keep your drink, sunglasses, and phone safe from the sand!  Choose from a variety of bright, summery colors and add a monogram!
    Be sure to find us on Facebook and Instagram and tag us in all your fab beach pics!

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